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Anatomy in Motion
When in motion, the feet are the only part of your body in contact with the outside world. Your feet are communicating with the rest of your body every time you take a step.
If the feet and ankles are not working as they should, this has direct effects on the rest of the body and may stop a persistent injury or ache from getting better.
With Anatomy in Motion, Tom is trained to examine and analyse these movement patterns.  Along side standard Osteopathic and orthopaedic examinations, Tom is able to understand and improve overall functioning of the body as a whole.
By using Osteopathic techniques on the couch and in motion, Tom has a wide variety of ways to get you better quicker.
Tom offers effective three dimensional exercises that really work. Unlike traditional exercises these are movements that get you out of pain quickly. They are simple to do and don't take up too much time.
By using Anatomy in Motion with Osteopathy, Tom has a unique understanding of how human motion impacts on each joint and soft tissue in the body.  Tom restores movement patterns that the body is failing to use to improve overall function and make you feel better.
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